Pancake PAC

1340 Hamlet Avenue
Clearwater, FL  33756

FAQs about PACs

What is Pancake PAC?  Pancake PAC is a non-partisan political action committee that raises voluntary, personal funds primarily from family restaurant franchisees, operators and managers.  These funds are contributed to candidates running for federal office.

Who does the PAC support?  The PAC is independent and non-partisan. Contributions are approved by a Board of Directors comprised of family restaurant franchisees, operators and managers. Candidates that are supported are evaluated on their understanding of the business community—the restaurant industry in particular; and, their issue platform and voting records, if available.

Why Should I Give to the PAC? Your generous contribution will allow the PAC to amplify the voice of the restaurant industry and your company in the political process.  Your support will enable the PAC to have the resources to engage and build relationships with members of Congress who will fight for pro-growth economic policy and defend the restaurant industry from harmful regulations.

Who is Eligible to Join the PAC? Any U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident may join and contribute to the PAC.

How Much Should I Give?  That is completely up to you.  All contributions are voluntary and must be made from personal funds.  The maximum amount any individual may contribute in a calendar year is $5,000. 

How Do I Join?  Click here to sign up and make a contribution now.  Or you can complete this form and mail it along with your personal check to Pancake PAC, 1340 Hamlet Ave., Clearwater, FL  33756.